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What Do You Want to Know About Us
Besides our extensive training & certifications of course?

From 1973 through 2017, Longview Auto & Tire was known as Longview Tire Sales. The company proudly served the people of Longview, Kelso, and the surrounding areas from our current location on the corner of Commerce Ave and Tennant Way. In late 2017, Longview Auto & Tire passed from one local family to another. Longtime customers can expect the same quality service they've relied on for decades. New customers will appreciate the level of professionalism, qualifications, and expanded services that the new owners, local brothers Reuben and Roy Byman, bring to the business.

Co-owner Roy Byman explains, "We'll still be Longview's Hometown Tire Store, but as a full-service auto repair facility specializing in complete automotive, light truck and diesel repair and maintenance, we'll be better able to serve our customers and the entire community."

Meet Your Neighbors & Current Longview Auto & Tire Owners – Roy & Reuben Byman

Roy Byman | Owner

Name: Roy Byman
Original State: Washington
Make: Owner
Model: Subaru Senior Master & ASE Certified Technician
Odometer: 20 years
Secret talent: Generating great ideas
Hobby: Mountain biking
Motivated by: Helping others reach their potential
Claimed by: Wife Bethany and 4 boys

Reuben and I grew up continuously tinkering with anything that had an engine and wheels. As we got older, the size of the engines and the distance those engines could take us grew. The ability to get out and explore this incredible area cemented a life-long love of the PNW for both of us. We realized long ago that if we wanted to explore that back country waterfall, hike an out-of-the-way trail, make it over the pass in a snow storm, or handle the freeway in a January downpour, we had to keep our own vehicles in tip-top shape. As auto repair and tire shop owners, we apply that same principle of safety and readiness to your vehicle.

Ruben | Owner

Name: Reuben
Original State: Washington
Make: Owner
Odometer: Over 30 years
Secret talent: Water skiing, gardening
Hobbies: Fishing, boating, water skiing, tinkering, family trips to Finland.
Motivated by: Problems - as in solving them for others.
Claimed by: Wife Anu and 6 daughters

"When you rely on us to maintain your entire vehicle, you can rest easy knowing that you'll never miss another great Pacific Northwest adventure opportunity."

Our Longview Auto & Tire Promise goes above and beyond our standard warranties to ensure a repair experience that exceeds your expectations. Stop by or call us to keep your vehicle running smoothly and your adventures on track.

Mike | Service Advisor

Name: Mike
State of Origin: Washington
Make: Service Advisor
Odometer: 15 years
Hobbies: Boating, boating, and more boating

Bill | Automotive Tech

Name: Bill
State of Origin: Oregon
Make: Automotive Tech
Odometer: Over 30 years
Secret talent: Drag Racing

Trista | Office Administrator

Name: Trista
State of Origin: Washington
Make: Office Administrator
Odometer: 4 years
Hobbies: Adventuring with my kids

Pete | Automotive Tech

Name: Pete
State of Origin: Michigan
Model: Automotive Tech
Odometer: 2 years
Secret talent: Playing Harmonica

Andy | Service Advisor

Name: Andy
State of Origin: Washington
Make: Service Advisor
Odometer: 15 years
Secret talent: Working with wood

Daryn | Service Manager

Name: Daryn
State of Origin: Wyoming
Make: Service Manager
Odometer: 35 years
Secret talent: Degree in Chemistry

Tyler | Service Advisor

Name: Tyler
State of Origin: Washington
Make: Service Advisor
Odometer: 10 years
Secret talent: BBQ Master & Homegrown Smoker*
*Meat not Tobacco

Rowan | Automotive Tech

Name: Rowan
Original State: Washington
Make: Automotive Tech
Odometer: 2 years
Secret talent: Snowboarding