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Trouble Starting, Stalling, Dim Headlights?

Might be your battery, we’ll test it for free


A bad battery means a vehicle that won’t run 

A bad battery can cause a whole host of problems that include a slow-cranking start, weak headlights, electrical issues, and being stalled on the side of the road. A good battery typically last a few years, but many things can affect battery life. Fortunately, replacing your battery at Longview Auto & Tire is easy and quick. Plus, battery tests are always free – just stop on by!


Our customers rely on us to fix their vehicle’s electrical issues and replace old batteries. They also turn to us for advice and guidance on the type of battery that will serve them best. As our customer, we’ll make sure you get a replacement battery with the the right amount of power for your vehicle.


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Tractor & Lawnmower Batteries

How to jump start your vehicle.

Battery Dead? Here's How to Safely Jumpstart Your Car

If a dead battery gets the best of you, you can get back up and running if you have a pair of jumper cables and you know how to use them.


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