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3 Signs That Your Vehicle is Overdue for a Tune-Up

If you want your vehicle to get you from point a to point b safely every day, you must do everything you can to properly maintain your vehicle over time. In other words, it means that you need to take your vehicle in for regular tune-ups. It doesn't matter if your car, SUV, or truck is brand new or used; you still need to make sure that it gets inspected by a professional mechanic. 


You should be on the lookout for these few symptoms that may indicate you are due for a tune-up. These are problems that you have to address if you want a reliable car.

Your Car Doesn't Always Start

If you face difficulty starting your vehicle a little too often, you most definitely need a tune-up. There is a long list of potential problems that could be the cause of your vehicle not starting right away. The most common problem we see at Longview Auto & Tire is a weak battery or a malfunctioning fuel pump. Regardless of the situation, we can get to the bottom of the issue at your tune-up appointment. It is never a good idea to procrastinate getting your car looked at when it is having difficulty starting. Eventually, it will not start at all.

Your Car Keeps Stalling

There's no doubt that stalling is not regular for any vehicle. It would help if you tried to identify what exactly is causing your vehicle to stall. Car stalls can usually be traced back to faulty or aging spark plugs. Another sign that your vehicle needs a tune-up is if it begins to idle roughly. These are symptoms that you should ignore for long periods of time because the problem will worsen if not resolved. 

You Experience Reduced Gas Mileage

As a car owner, you are usually well aware of how often you need to fill up and how much gas mileage the car gets. If you begin to notice that it is getting bad gas mileage and you're filling up more often, it is time for a tune-up.


We invite you to Longview Auto & Tire for a tune-up service today. Please give us a call or visit if you have any questions or concerns regarding your motor vehicle.

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