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5 Car Care Tips for Winter Weather

Winter Presents the most challenging months for drivers. It is a season that takes a toll on vehicles and drivers, from salt damages, low tire pressures, frozen fuel lines, among others. It is a season that tests vehicle endurance in harsh conditions. Most drivers choose their car models on their ability to maintain functionality during winter. Today, we outline essential car care tips that will empower your vehicle to survive winter drives.

Get Winter Tires

Winter tires are recommended in icy and snowy places. They provide better traction when turning or stopping on cold pavements. If you are taking along winter drive, consider changing your regular tires to winter tires to enhance vehicle endurance on the road.

Check Tire Pressure Regularly

During winter, tires can wear down prematurely due to low pressure. With every 10-degree drop, the car tires lose pressure, which affects traction on the road. Before heading out, always check for any underinflated tires on the road.

Inspect Fluid Levels

During winter, working windshields helps to maintain visibility on the road. Ensure a dependable supply of wiper fluid, which gets used up easily during winter. Replace your wiper blades and in instances of extreme snowing, consider making a switch to winter specialized blades that are more powerful and fit for the season.

Inspect Battery

Batteries struggle in functioning during winter. Getting your battery checked is essential, which ensures that it is powerful to suffice functioning during winter. The inspection requires an expert's diagnosis to prevent getting stuck on the road from battery failure.

Maintain High Coolant Levels

Antifreeze is essential for engine protection during winter. Ensure the coolant levels are high, and check for any leaks that might let the coolant out.

Check on Your Lights

Shorter days during winter make you drive more in the dark. Ensure the exterior lights are functioning optimally before heading out and make the appropriate replacements. Some bulbs might be foggy, which might block visibility. Check on the lights frequently before heading out to minimize challenging and dangerous drives.

Our technicians are always available to check for vehicle suitability for winter drives. Drive to our auto repair shop today and get your car ready for winter.

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