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5 Ways to Make a Road Trip More Fun

With the extended weekend, who doesn't love a good road trip? Many of us are planning to hit the road for Labor Day Weekend. But with any vacation, the journey there can be the most boring and dreadful part. To make things more fun, here are some of our recommendations:


Play a Road Trip Game

You can enjoy a good road trip game at any age! There are the classics: Ispy, 20 Questions, and the License Plate Game. Or you can opt for a more hands-on game like cards.


Take Lots of Photos

Bring a camera or use your phone camera, but we guarantee you'll want to look back on these captured moments one day. You can revisit the memories when you're old and think back to this iconic road trip.


Challenge Yourself and Use a Paper Map

I know we tend to rely on navigational apps such as Google Maps or Waze to guide us. Change things up by ditching the technology this time around. You and your passengers can work as a team and see if you can navigate a new place with a paper map.


Sing-Along to a Playlist

You have the freedom to create the perfect road trip playlist jam-packed with all your favorites. Make sure to belt them out with your family or friends. There’s no better feeling than cruising with your windows down and blaring your favorite songs!


Pack Your Food and Do a Picnic

Eating out on a trip can be costly, and the options are often limited and unhealthy. Instead, consider packing your food and snacks. Not only will this save you some coin, but you can enjoy a fabulous picnic in a new setting.


Happy Labor Day from our team at Longview Auto & Tire! We hope you venture out and try some of these activities. If you are planning a getaway soon, we highly recommend you bring your vehicle to our shop in Longview, WA, for a pre-trip screening to ensure you get to your destination safely.

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