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8 Things to Check for When Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car may be a smart financial decision, but how do you avoid ending up with a lemon? There are so many unknowns; like how the previous owners drove, and if they kept up on preventative maintenance. We’ve put together a few tips and things to look for when purchasing a used car, so you’ll never end up paying more for repairs in the long run. Check to make sure the price seems fair. There are many sites out there that will let you look up the average price of the car you plan to buy. Look at sites like www.kbb.com and www.cargurus.com to get an idea on the price of your particular car. Read owner reviews of the car. When you’re looking up reviews, make sure you’re looking for the exact year, make, and model of the car you plan to buy. Get a good sense of what the car’s flaws are, and what it’s like to own th ... read more

Which Car Problems Require a Tow Truck?

To tow or not to tow – that is the question. Here at Longview Auto & Tire, we’re firm believers in the power of preventative maintenance. However, sometimes unexpected problems happen on the road and you have to decide: do I have my car towed or try to make it to the shop? While some car problems will allow you to drive your vehicle safely to the shop, others will cause further damage to your car if you attempt to drive while the problem is happening. We’ll go over several common car problems, and help you decide if it’s time to call a tow truck. FLAT TIRE A flat tire is likely to be the most common problem that you’ll encounter on the road. Only drive as far as necessary to get into a safe position. If you get a flat tire on an interstate highway, get over to the right and onto the grass if needed. You may want to consider getting out of your car and away from the road, as there have been many cases where a stranded vehicle has been hit by moving traffic. Your ... read more


Car Safety

Driving Habits That Are Shortening Your Car’s Life

Owning a car can get pretty expensive, but it’s almost a necessity in this day and age. There are quite a few common mistakes people make that tend to wear down their car over time and result in them spending more money on repairs. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be expensive! Once you’re aware of these mistakes, you’ll be able to stop yourself from doing them and save yourself a lot of money in the long run. NOT CORRECTLY USING THE PARKING BRAKE Even when you park on flat ground, it’s a good idea to use your parking brake. Why? Because when you don’t engage the parking brake (especially on hills), you’re resting the entire weight of your vehicle on a small piece of metal in the transmission called the parking pawl. Because this piece is about the size of your finger, it’ll wear out, and it could eventually break from holding all that weight. Be sure to use your parking brake to keep that transmission component in good condition. LETTI ... read more


Car Maintenance

Is It Better to Repair or Replace a Flat Tire?

We’ve all been there - you’re in a rush to leave for work in the morning, or you’re about to leave to get groceries, or heading to town to meet up with friends, and you step out of the house only to find that you’ve got a flat tire. Oh no! What do you do? Should you put some air in it and hope it’ll get you to your destination, spray some fix-a-flat in it, attempt to patch it, or call a professional? The solution really depends on how large the puncture is, where the puncture is located, and how quickly you spotted the damage. Sure, repairing the tire might be the most cost-effective option, but not if it’s at the expense of the safety of you and your passengers! Industry guidelines usually allow punctures up to 1/4” in diameter to be repaired safely, based on where the damage was done. Any puncture that occurs to the sidewall or shoulder of the tire is unable to be repaired, no matter how small. If the puncture is irregular, long and straight, or larger than ... read more


Tire Repair

The Importance of Proper Wheel Alignment

Imagine trying to walk straight with your feet pointing in one direction and your hips pointing in another. It would take a lot of effort to stay balanced and head in the right direction, not to mention the extra strain this would put on you! Just as walking with your body properly aligned is easier on you and requires less effort, the same goes for your vehicle. A wheel alignment allows your car to handle correctly, reduces wear and tear, and improves fuel economy. Here at Longview Auto, we hold alignments in high regard. Not only do they give you more control over your vehicle and increase your overall driving safety, but they're crucial to the life of your tires. Our goal from the start has been to keep our customers out on the road, heading to their next adventure. Proper alignments are crucial to achieving this goal. This is why we offer a FREE wheel alignment any time a customer of ours purchases four new tires*. During your vehicle’s life ... read more


Car Maintenance