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A Few Things Stolen Cars Have In Common

A Few Things Stolen Cars Have In Common

Car thieves are on the lookout for unattended vehicles left and right. While location and area can make your car more susceptible, there are other noticeable patterns to be aware of. Being aware of what makes a vehicle likely to be stolen can help you stay a few steps ahead of the situation. Awareness allows you to prepare and adapt to safety precautions. What are some elements stolen cars have in common? They’re Older Models While a new car can also be stolen, car thieves are looking for simplicity. Older vehicles are less likely to come with flashy alarms, bells, and whistles that a new car has. If your vehicle is older, it may appeal to a thief who’s in a hurry to jimmy the engine’s lock and hot wire. Silver Cars While most people assume red cars are more likely to be stolen, studies show that silver vehicles are stolen the most. The psychology behind why this hasn’t been thoroughly explored, but silver cars are more common ... read more


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