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Monthly Archives: December 2019

How Old Are Your Tires?

Tires are your vehicle’s first line of defense. After all, they’re the only part of the vehicle that comes in contact with the ground. (If anything else on your vehicle is touching the ground, it’s definitely a good time to call your mechanic!) All kidding aside – as your first line of defense, it’s important to know whether or not your tires are in good condition so you’re not unexpectedly left stranded. Although your tires may appear fine at a quick glance, there are certain warning signs that it’s wise to keep an eye out for. We’ll go over the most common ones so you know what to look for, and can stay safe on the road this season. WHAT IS TIRE AGING Tire aging happens through a process called oxidation. Over time, as the rubber in your tires is exposed to oxygen, it begins to stiffen and crack. Think of it like an old rubber band that has lost its elasticity. As this loss of elasticity happens in your tires, it can cause steel belts in the t ... read more


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