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What Noise Does a Failing Transmission Make?

What Noise Does a Failing Transmission Make?

What Noise Does A Failing Transmission Make? Your car should not be making funny sounds as you drive. It is good to know what different sounds mean about the health of your vehicle. Some of the noises are an indication that the transmission is failing. When the transmission makes noises, it indicates a severe problem that the car requires the attention of an experienced mechanic. Here are some of the noises that come from a failing transmission system. Whining You may notice a whining sound coming from the engines as you drive the vehicle. Unfortunately, whining does not point to a particular problem with the transmission as different issues may produce the sound. However, you may narrow down to the exact cause by doing the following: • Try to engage the reverse gear. If the whining gets higher with the revere, it means that the fluid line of the transmission has been clogged. In most cases, a clogged fluid line points to a more significant is ... read more