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4 Huge Benefits of Getting a Radiator Flush

4 Huge Benefits of Getting a Radiator Flush

Regular vehicle maintenance is essential if your goal is to prevent unwanted costly repairs and boost engine performance. Most drivers may be well aware that alignments and oil changes are mandatory for cars to run efficiently. Simultaneously, the radiator and coolant flushes may fly under the radar of one’s consciousness. Coolant or antifreeze regulates the water inside the radiator. It prevents this water from freezing over in cold temperatures and from boiling in hot temperatures. Coolant also works to provide an essential lubricant in the water pump and other significant components. Newer, modern-day vehicle’s typically have cooling systems that are designed to last up to 100,000 miles. However, depending on your driving habits, you may find yourself needing more maintenance than expected. During a radiator flush, a technician pumps up to 5 gallons of antifreeze through the cooling system. During the service, all of the old antifreeze is flushed out, including any conta ... read more


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