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Monthly Archives: October 2020

October Fall Car Care Month!

October Fall Car Care Month!

The non-profit Car Care Council has designated October as the official start of Fall Car Care Month. This is the perfect time to give your vehicle a little extra love before the weather gets colder and rainier in Longview. Performing vehicle maintenance now can prevent unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs. Maintenance doesn't just involve scheduling repairs; it's also taking time to inspect your vehicle and topping off fluids when necessary. We've comprised a list of five tips that can boost your vehicle's performance throughout the winter.  Check the life of the battery. The temperature surpasses the 90's in Longview, and the excessive heat can drain car batteries. It's best to check how your car battery is now before it gets too cold outside. Pop the hood and make sure it's clean and free of corrosion.  Check the tire tread.  It's important to check your tir ... read more


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