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5 Signs Your Vehicle’s Thermostat is Failing

5 Signs Your Vehicle’s Thermostat is Failing

The thermostat is a small item that plays a large role in engine performance. Its primary function is to regulate the coolant that flows through the engine. When the engine is off and cold, the thermostat is closed. Once you crank the ignition on, the thermostat will open to regulate the coolant’s temperature so it can adequately recirculate. A functioning thermostat keeps the engine working at an optimum temperature.  Just like any other engine component, the thermostat can become worn or broken as well. If the thermostat is stuck closed due to a malfunction, the coolant won’t sufficiently circulate through the radiator and engine. In comparison, if the thermostat is stuck open, the engine will not heat to a proper level. It’s essential to be aware of signs that the thermostat is due for a service to prevent significant engine damage that may lead to costly repairs. Below are five signs that your vehicle’s thermostat is failing. The Engine is Overheating ... read more


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