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Can You Drive With the Oil Pressure Light On?

The oil pressure light doesn’t often make an appearance on your dash, but you should know why and what to do when it does. There are various issues that can cause your vehicle’s oil light to illuminate. But first, you should always turn off your engine and stop driving until the problem is fixed. In some cases, it can cause irreparable damage to your engine if you continue driving. 


As mentioned before, there are various problems that can trigger this dashboard warning light. Here are some potential reasons:

Low or Ineffective Oil

One of the most common reasons for an oil light to come on is if you have an oil leak. When you are overdue on oil changes, your engine will not maintain proper lubrication. Thus, leaks can develop. We invite you to Longview Auto & Tire for an inspection and oil change if we find this to be the issue. 

Reduced Oil Pressure From Faulty Oil Pump

If the oil pump has gone bad, it can cause a drop in oil pressure. You should have this essential component inspected. Continuing to drive with low oil pressure can harm your engine.

Oil Sensor is Faulty

Your engine may have sufficient levels of motor oil, but it can be the oil sensor that is causing issues. Oftentimes, foreign particles and other contaminants can block the sensor causing the oil light to come on. Our certified technicians can identify if you’ve been given a true or false reading by performing a pressure test.

Engine Overheating

An overheating engine can also trigger this warning lightly. When your oil runs thin or low, it can cause your engine to get too hot. You can double-check by looking at the temperature gauge.

Dirty Filter

Last but not least, oil filters play a major role in maintaining your engine’s oil pressure. When this filter is outdated and clogged, it can cause the pressure to increase and limit oil flow. If the relief valve on the filter is broken, the pressure can also rise. Please make sure to change out this filter at every oil service to avoid this mistake. 


As soon as you notice the oil light coming on your dash, please stop driving ASAP. It is not safe to drive with this light on, and you should get your vehicle to a trusted auto repair shop promptly. 


For all your engine oil services and repair needs, please bring your vehicle to the professional mechanics at Longview Auto & Tire today.

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