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What Does Cold Weather Have to Do With Oil Changes?

It is often said that the engine is the heart of the car and the oil is its lifeblood. Much like us – our cars need extra care and maintenance to get through the cold season healthy and happy. THE BEST COLD REMEDY FOR VEHICLES: AN OIL CHANGE To keep your car in tip-top shape during winter, the best cold ‘remedy’ for your vehicle is an oil change. Cold temperatures can cause your oil to flow slowly or not at all – which puts a lot of stress on your engine. After a while, your vehicle's motor can start to have problems. HOW TO KNOW WHICH OIL TO USE Oil is measured by its viscosity (how thick or thin it is). The higher its viscosity, the slower oil flows. Because oil viscosity changes with temperature, different types of oil were developed so your car can continue to run smoothly, no matter what the temperature is. If you look at an oil bottle, they all have a grade rating. The number before the W describes the viscosity of the oil at low ... read more


Oil Change
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