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Is It Better to Repair or Replace a Flat Tire?

We’ve all been there - you’re in a rush to leave for work in the morning, or you’re about to leave to get groceries, or heading to town to meet up with friends, and you step out of the house only to find that you’ve got a flat tire. Oh no! What do you do? Should you put some air in it and hope it’ll get you to your destination, spray some fix-a-flat in it, attempt to patch it, or call a professional? The solution really depends on how large the puncture is, where the puncture is located, and how quickly you spotted the damage. Sure, repairing the tire might be the most cost-effective option, but not if it’s at the expense of the safety of you and your passengers! Industry guidelines usually allow punctures up to 1/4” in diameter to be repaired safely, based on where the damage was done. Any puncture that occurs to the sidewall or shoulder of the tire is unable to be repaired, no matter how small. If the puncture is irregular, long and straight, or larger than ... read more


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