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How Does The Cooling System Work

Your vehicle's cooling system consists of a lot of parts that do different things in order to cool your engine. If you have ever wondered how it exactly works and what the components are, make sure to continue reading. Below you will find a short and simple explanation of how the cooling system works.

Radiator And Fans

Starting with the radiator - its job is to cool the liquid flowing through the system. It's made out of thin metal, so it can cool it more efficiently and quickly. The radiator also has a fan blowing cool air into it, which helps a lot. But what happens after the fluid has been cooled? Find out below.

Water Pump

The thing that moves all of the liquid in a loop is the water pump. Its only job is to pump water as efficiently as possible. Some water pumps are powered by electricity, and others by an auxiliary belt.


Connecting everything are the pipes. They are usually thin and deliver coolant to all of the parts that need it.

Engine Block

The engine itself plays a bad role in the cooling system because it has holes and crevasses in all the parts that need to be sealed. It is made out of metal, and even the cylinders themselves have cooling elements. The engine block's ability to transfer heat is crucial to the whole process because, otherwise, cooling is inefficient.


The fluid that goes into the loop is coolant. Usually, it is filtered water with certain additives to keep it from freezing. When it is low, the engine starts to overheat gradually, so make sure to check it regularly.

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