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How Longview's Fall Leaves Can Harm Your Vehicle

In most parts of the US, autumn means the arrival of cooler weather, fuzzy sweaters, and sports. It's also known as a transition period between summer and winter, where leaves often change into brilliant colors and fall (hence the name)! These leaves may scatter your driveway, the roads, the highway, and even your car. Unfortunately, too many fallen leaves and nature's debris can pose significant risks for your vehicle's condition. Here's how:

Change Paint Finish

Some leaves contain sap, pollen, or spores that can destroy your paint's finish. When the leaves get soaked by rainwater, it can get acidic. The acid can then "leave" a mark and damage your car's paint finish. Furthermore, if the soggy leaves are left too long, it can contribute to rust formation. 

Make Your Ride Slippery

When the roads get coated in slimy leaves, it can be difficult for your wheels to properly contact the road (especially if you have poor tread). The slippy feel bed of leaves can ultimately affect your braking time and distance too. Lastly, too many leaves can cover necessary pavement markings, potholes, speed bumps, and other obstructions on the road. 

Impact Vehicle Performance

Occasionally these annoying leaves will get caught under the hood and collect throughout the season. Consequently, these leaflets can clog your drains, block your filter, and corrupt engine performance. Likewise, a clogged air filter will impact your cabin airflow. If the leaves sit in your filter, mold can develop and create awful smells.

Cause Leaks

As mentioned earlier, clogged drain holes are a widespread problem for vehicle owners in the fall. As the water can't drain, it will flood the inside of your car. It can leave you with a terrible mess to clean up, and it can also damage your floors and upholstery and leave a foul odor.


If you speculate that the fall leaves have clogged your drain holes, please take your car to Longview Tire & Auto for an inspection. We can give you a thorough review of all your essential car components, including checking your windshield seals, inspecting under the hood, and testing your brakes. Please call or visit one of our convenient locations today!

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