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October Fall Car Care Month!

The non-profit Car Care Council has designated October as the official start of Fall Car Care Month. This is the perfect time to give your vehicle a little extra love before the weather gets colder and rainier in Longview. Performing vehicle maintenance now can prevent unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs. Maintenance doesn't just involve scheduling repairs; it's also taking time to inspect your vehicle and topping off fluids when necessary. We've comprised a list of five tips that can boost your vehicle's performance throughout the winter. 

Check the life of the battery.

The temperature surpasses the 90's in Longview, and the excessive heat can drain car batteries. It's best to check how your car battery is now before it gets too cold outside. Pop the hood and make sure it's clean and free of corrosion. 

Check the tire tread. 

It's important to check your tires' health to make sure they're prepared for wet roads and slippery highways. Check that your tires have enough tread to prevent sliding. Bald tires are a driving hazard, preventing your vehicle from stopping or slowing down quickly enough. Also, check that the tire tread is wearing evenly. Any uneven wear can be a symptom of an alignment or balance issue. 

Check all essential fluids.

Take a moment and do a thorough fluid check. Pop the hood and check the engine oil, coolant, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and windshield washer. All fluids should be filled and free of any debris. Top off any low fluids. If you notice any contaminants in them, schedule an appointment to have it inspected. It may be time to have one of the systems drained, flushed, and replenished with new fluid. 

Inspect the brake pads.

You'll be relying heavily on your vehicle's brakes during the winter; it's best to check their health now. It would help if you had the brake pads, rotors, linings, and drums inspected to ensure they're in optimal condition for the winter. 

Get a car wash and wax.

While this may seem like a tip that's not as important as the others, car washes with wax help protect your vehicle's paint. A quick zip through the carwash can be enough to treat the paint, but don't forget to give the undercarriage a rinse as well. It removes any chemicals that can create a breeding ground for rust.

Fall Vehicle Maintenance and Repair in Longview, WA

Longview Auto & Tire is a full-service automotive repair facility specializing in all vehicle makes and models, including diesel and light trucks. If it's time to schedule some fall car care, our service advisors can tailor an inspection for you and your driving needs. With over 135 years of combined automotive experience, we are the dealership alternative in Longview, WA.

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