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Safe Tips for Drivers on Halloween

It's October, which means Halloween is nearly here! Regardless of whether you have children or not, you are liable to drive safe and keep others safe. If you plan on going somewhere on Halloween, you will surely see many pedestrians, and most of them will be children. In order to make sure everyone has a fun and safe time trick-or-treating, please follow our safe driving tips!

  • Decrease Your Speed – An essential tip that you should remember is to reduce your speed. The speed limit in a residential area is typically 25mph or under, but the slower you go, the more time you'll have to react. With so many children walking around, you need to be extra cautious by driving slowly.
  • Put Down Major Distractions - We urge you to give the road 100 percent of your attention at all times. An excellent way to do this is to silence your phone to avoid any interruptions. In addition, you should avoid eating or drinking of any sort. Your hands should be clear of anything else and gripped on the steering wheel.
  • Never Pass a Stopped Car in a Neighborhood – If you see an idling vehicle (with its headlights on), there's a significant chance that they're in the process of loading or unloading their kiddos. Please do not make a rash decision and try to pass them. It's best to remain where you are and wait.
  • Make Eye Contact with Pedestrians – Some people, especially kids, are too shy and may stiffen up when they see your car. By making eye contact, making a hand gesture, or sounding your horn, you can signal that they're noticed and safe to cross.

Not so difficult, right? We hope some of these safe driving tips help you and others stay safe on the spookiest day of the year. Driving on holidays like Halloween doesn't have to be overwhelming as long as you are patient and practice safe driving. If your car needs a check-up before the holidays, we invite you to Longview Auto & Tire!

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