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Signs You Need Suspension Repair

All vehicles come outfitted with shocks or struts, which make up your suspension system. Both are responsible for giving you a smooth ride. However, most people may not realize that they also significantly contribute to your ability to maintain control and stability of your car while driving. With such an important task, what are the signs to look out for when they stop working?


Listed below are several signs of worn-out shocks and struts:

  • You feel excessive bouncing, rolling, and rocking while driving over rough roads or railroad tracks, requiring you to adjust your steering.
  • Uneven tire wear is another warning sign. Old shocks and struts will disable you from maintaining good contact with the road.
  • Worn shocks can sometimes cause steering wheel vibration or shaking on smooth roads.
  • Your vehicle is pulling in different directions when applying the brakes.
  • You may also have fluid leaks pooling near the shocks and struts.

Lastly, you may also try the bounce test. The bounce test is a quick test you can do yourself to determine if your shocks are worn or failing. All you need to do is push down on each corner of your car. If it takes the vehicle more than a couple of bounces to come back to a resting position, then it is a telltale sign that your suspension system needs repair. 


Suspension Repairs in Longview, WA

Even if you do not notice the signs, you should ask a mechanic to inspect your shocks or struts at your next oil change - to be safe! 

However, if you are experiencing any of the listed symptoms, you should reach out for help immediately. Losing the handling of your car is a hazardous risk to take. You could end up in an accident and injuring yourself. Please give us a call or visit Longview Tire & Auto today!

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