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What Are Some Common Power Steering Problems?

Power steering has proven to be a wonderful invention to modern-day vehicles. Without it, you would have to put forth a significant amount of work to make your turns. Over time, your power steering system may experience problems if your car hasn't been well kept. Here are some of the different power steering-related issues drivers may encounter: 

  • Steering Pump – A broken pump in your power steering system will certainly get your attention! You will notice a high-pitched screeching noise coming from the location of the pump. Most importantly, you should have a professional auto repair tech check up on your steering components to be sure.
  • Belt – When the belts related to the power steering system become worn, cracked, or damaged, you may feel some shakiness when turning the wheel. If you are experiencing a problem with the belt, we highly urge you to take your car to Longview Auto & Tire as soon as possible.
  • Fluid – Some power steering fluid systems are hydraulic, meaning that it relies on power steering fluid to work! If this applies to your car, you should regularly check this fluid to ensure that the levels never get too low. When the fluid runs low, it can impact the rack and pinion system that provides high pressure to the pump. Low power steering fluid may result in a really stiff steering wheel.
  • Leaks – Leaks in the power steering fluid lines may occur if the rubber hoses get too dry from too high of engine temperatures. A leak can also take place on the pump itself. Regardless, a leak will result in an onslaught of problems, including a rigid steering wheel. It can even drip on the steering belt and damage that as well!

Power steering is arguably one of the most complicated systems within your vehicle. If you do not know how to examine your vehicle's power steering fluid or look for leaks, you can count on the team at Longview Auto & Tire to provide you with quality and expertise. Please give us a call or visit soon!

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