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What are the Signs of Clogged or Dirty Fuel Injectors?

For the engine of a vehicle to operate correctly, it requires the proper quantity of fuel according to specific demands. The fuel injection system allows the fuel to be mixed with the right proportion of air before entering the inlet port and into the relevant chamber.

One problem with fuel injectors is that they can become clogged or dirty. This may affect its ability to work and can lead to needing a replacement. Here are some signs to look out for to know if your fuel injectors have become damaged or unclean:

  • Engine stalls or fails - If the level of fuel needed to power the vehicle can't be supplied, the normal revs per minute (RPM) won't be met and the engine will stall or die.
  • Engine starts to vibrate - A faulty injector can prevent the relevant cylinder involved to fire correctly. This can cause your engine to vibrate while the vehicle is moving and you try to give it power.
  • Engine misfires - A clogged or dirty engine can cause the car to misfire, leading it to halt or jitter when stepping on the gas.
  • Engine light showing - One of the biggest signs there is a problem with your injector is if the engine light appears on the dashboard. Although other reasons may be causing this to happen, an issue with the fuel injector is plausible and shouldn't be overlooked.
  • Poor fuel economy - When the engine doesn't get the right amount of fuel it needs, it requires more to be supplied from the injector. Poor fuel economy results as the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) gets the wrong signal that it needs more fuel.

It's not always easy to diagnose when the fuel injector has become clogged or dirty. This is because the signs can be similar to other issues such as those involved with damage to a coil or spark plug. The best course of action will always be to take it to a repair shop to have it checked out. If you notice any of the signs that your fuel injector has become dirty, you can bring it down to our shop. We'll have a look and fix the problem for you.

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