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What Does a Flashing Check Engine Light Mean?

The age-old questions that most mechanics get are the ones relating to the dreadful check engine light. This yellow dashboard engine light is feared by most people because it’s difficult to tell what it means. Unless you have a scan tool and certain mechanical knowledge, you’re going to need to make a trip to a professional auto repair shop to diagnose and repair the issue.


Simply put, the check engine light is a symbol indicating that something is wrong with the engine, its computer, or any part relating to the engine's combustion process. It can come on for a number of reasons including loose gas caps, worn spark plugs, faulty sensors, failing thermostats, and more.


However, it is important to note that a flashing check engine light usually means it is a more serious problem. Your engine is most likely misfiring, which can quickly overheat the catalytic converter. In some cases, it can even cause a fire. 


If your check engine light is flashing on your dash, it is important that you stop driving right away. If you aren’t near your trusted auto center, we highly advise that you call for roadside assistance. Continuing to drive with a flashing check engine light can cause extensive engine and/or exhaust damage.


Regardless of the behavior of the check engine warning, you should get a quick scan test performed ASAP. When you bring your car to Longview Auto & Tire, our certified professionals will assess your vehicle by performing diagnostic testing and thorough inspections. We guarantee that we have affordable and fitting solutions for you.


If your check engine light is on, please bring your car to the experts at our auto repair shop today.

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