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Why Are My Car Vents Blowing Smelly Air?

It's a hot day outside and you must get out of the house. You're eager to get out in the car and get the air conditioner (A/C) blowing so you don't melt in the sun. You jump in, and you feel the cold air; you quickly notice an unpleasant smell along with the cold air and have no clue what's happening! Unbeknown to some, there are smells that can creep in your cars A/C. Here's what you need to know and what it can mean for your car.

There's a chance that you're smelling something that's in the air around your car that's just filtering through you're A/C. In this case, driving away will resolve the problem. If you happen to smell gas, mold/mildew, vinegar, or burning you should be concerned.

Gasoline Smell: Your car has a cabin air filter… it will do a good job filtering out a lot of harmful materials, but stronger smells like gas it may not get. If your car is leaking gas, there is a chance that gas will get sucked into your cabin and the A/C system.

Mold/Mildew: If you think your A/C smells like mold/mildew, it may be mold or mildew that is the problem. The older your vehicle is, the more bacteria can build up in the system, especially when dealing with moisture (cold air). You need to have your A/C inspected so this can be resolved.

Vinegar: There are different things that could cause this smell. It can be a type of mold that has built up in your A/C. There's also the possibility that your battery could be leaking acid or there may be ozone emissions that can cause this issue.

Burning: This smell is never a good sign, and there are a few things that can cause this smell to come through the A/C. You may have an A/C compressor issue, an electrical short, or burning wires. There can also be an oil leak.

You don't want your A/C to blow smelly air. If you need your car A/C repaired, give our auto repair shop a call today!

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