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Why You Should Change Your Dirty Air Filter in Your Car

Though a dirty cabin air filter doesn't directly affect whether your car can get you from point a to point b, you should never procrastinate on replacing it. Swapping out your cabin air filter is just as important as getting an oil change or rotating your tires. It is an essential part of routine vehicle maintenance, and ignoring the air filter will lead to horrible driving experiences.


Negative Side Effects of Dirty Air Filter

Personal Health 

A cabin air filter plays a vital role in keeping the inside of your car free of pollutants. However, if it is old, filthy, or clogged, it will not filter those contaminants. As a result, it will make it difficult for those who suffer from allergies or have breathing impairments to breathe. A new cabin air filter can block pollen from getting into a vehicle and provide fresh, breathable air.


Overworked HVAC System 

A dirty air filter will make a vehicle's HVAC system work significantly harder, leading to an overheating engine. In addition, dirty or clogged cabin air filters will restrict the air circulation from the vents. As a result, the air pushing out of your ducts will not reach its optimal temperature. 


Smelly Air 

Dirty or clogged cabin air filters can create a musty odor in your car, especially when the HVAC system is turned on. Routinely changing your cabin air filter will guarantee that you don't have to wind down your windows to get fresh air.


Poor Window Fog Clearing 

Another problem that will arise when your car's airflow is compromised is that your windows and windshield won't clear as quickly. The bad air quality allows condensation to develop on the windscreen. The condensation can be especially hazardous in rainy or foggy conditions. 


Do not let yourself and your car suffer through the adverse side effects of a dirty air filter. Our professional technicians at Longview Auto & Tire can easily replace your air filters and make sure your vehicle runs at optimal levels. If you require any auto service or repair, we can be found in Longview, WA. So give us a call or visit our shop today!

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