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What Causes a Car to Overheat?

There are several causes of engine overheating. In most cases, this occurs when an issue with the cooling system blocks heat from leaving the engine compartment. The issue could be brought on by a coolant leak, a broken pump, a defective radiator fan, or a clogged coolant pipe. Although most modern engines are made to last, when a vehicle's motor generates heat that is significantly higher than its normal operating temperature the cooling mechanisms may start to malfunction, which could lead to permanent damage to both the gaskets and the engine, hoses, and seals that are intended to keep the engine running. You don't want to let an overheating engine persist, regardless of the cause of the issue. You run the risk of significant, even irreparable, engine damage.

Symptoms of an Overheating Engine

You may lessen the possibility of permanent engine damage if you can take action to cooling your engine before it heats up to the point of failure. However, you must first become aware of the signs of excessive heat, which can include:
• Steam emerging from under the hood of the car, which can appear to be smoke.
• A dashboard engine temperature indicator that spikes to "H" or the red. Reference your operating manual for the specific symbols for your engine temperature gauge.
• There was an odd odor emanating from the engine area. For instance, while leaking oil may smell more burnt, coolant leaks may smell lovely.

Do not attempt to travel further if your car is overheated. Stop driving, pull over, and turn off the car. The most effective option is to have the car towed to the closest auto service, although steps can be made to identify any faults. If you need engine repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Longview Tire & Auto today!


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