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What Does the Thermostat Do?

The vehicle’s cooling system thermostat plays an essential role – it regulates the engine coolant to cool off your engine based on temperature. Thermostats can last anywhere between 60,000-100,000 miles, but they don’t really have an “average lifespan”. But when it does go out, you will need to get repairs immediately. Otherwise, you can suffer from irreversible engine damage.

What Does the Thermostat Do?

The thermostat opens when the engine gets hot. It opens up to allow coolant through. When the engine cools down enough or reaches an optimal temperature, it closes up. The thermostat can go bad by staying stuck. If it stays closed, your engine won’t get the coolant and eventually overheat. And if it stays open, your engine will be too cold. While it may not seem like a big deal, it can accelerate wear and tear on parts and cause your car to run inefficiently.

Signs of a Bad Thermostat

  • Heater not working 
  • Check engine light comes on
  • Engine overheating
  • Coolant puddle leaks
  • Poor fuel mileage

In a nutshell, your vehicle’s thermostat is designed to protect the engine from overheating. It relays information to allow the movement of coolant. At the first catch at one of the signs above, you should bring your vehicle to Longview Auto & Tire. 

If you need car thermostat repair, please call or schedule an appointment online today. 

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