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What is The Difference Between Brake Pads and Brake Shoes?

Brake pads and brake shoes are equally vital to the safety of your vehicle. They each have separate functions, and yet they are both just as important to your brakes. Having them inspected for wear and tear is vital to the life of your braking system. With that said, what is the difference between brake pads and brake shoes?

The first major difference is in the way they help your car stop. Brake shoes stop your vehicle by pushing outward. They are a major part of the drum system where they are inside rather than outside. This allows them to make that outward motion to stop your vehicle when you press slowly on the brakes. Friction then happens, resulting in your car coming to a smooth, complete stop without much ado.

Brake pads, on the other hand, work from the outside going in. They sit on the outside of your wheels and are part of a disc rotor braking system, and they work together with the caliper to press together to stop your car at a safe distance. While brake shoes are a part of older models, brake pads are more often seen with newer vehicles due to their excellent safety features.

Stopping power is another noticeable difference between brake shoes and brake pads. Perhaps what makes brake pads safer than brake shoes is the fact that they have far greater braking power due to their ability to push and squeeze inward as part of a disc braking system, whereas brake shoes do just the opposite.

However, the difference in stopping power has an impact on each of these brake parts. Since brake shoes don't exert as much force in stopping your vehicle, they are least likely to wear out as fast as the brake pads. Plus, brake pads are on the outside, which makes them vulnerable to rust and corrosion, whereas brake shoes have more protection against the elements.

Whether you have brake pads or brake shoes, they are both a vital part of any vehicle. They can create wear and tear within a braking system. If you need brake system repair, give our repair shop a call today!

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