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Why Are Regular Tire Rotations So Important?

A tire rotation is a process of regularly repositioning your car's tires in different patterns from front to back or side to side. It is highly encouraged that you do this because it is a vital element of tire maintenance and safety. Additionally, rotating your tires may also be a requirement to keep your tires covered under warranty. 

As mentioned before, tire rotation means periodically swapping the position of each of the tires on your car. Your vehicle's manufacturer sets the interval you should rotate your tires. However, the industry standard is every 5,000 miles. For many of you, that means you should get it done every time you get an oil change. Frequently getting your tires rotated also gives you an open opportunity to check their air pressure, have them balanced to minimize vibrations, and measure their tread depth.

Why Are Regular Tire Rotations So Important?

There are many benefits to a tire rotation. It is such an essential element of your car maintenance. By regularly rotating your tires, wear is spread equally distributed across all the tires on your vehicle. As a result of even tread, you can prolong the life of your tires. Tires wear at a different rate depending on where they are positioned on the car. For instance, the wheels on the front of a front-wheel-drive automobile will take more torque and friction needed to turn, accelerate, and brake. Secondly, tire rotations even out the tread wear to make your tires more uniform, which can support traction and handling across all four wheels. Furthermore, this will improve turning and braking performance and ensure your safety every time you get behind the wheel. If your vehicle is all-wheel-drive, even tread wear on tires minimizes the strain on the drivetrain, reducing wear on costly drive components.

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